The main areas of activity in dairy and food industry

Processing lines installation in dairy and food industry

Technological equipment manufacturing and batching

Repair of dairy industry technological equipment

Designing and audit of reconstruction processing lines of milk receiving and processing, butter- making, cheese -making rooms and areas in dairy enterprises

Development and implementation of measures to save raw materials and energy resources in dairy enterprises

Consultations on production technology of high-quality dairy products

We produce

Ltd «Dubnotech» constructs a wide range of technological equipment for processing industry:

lamellar heat exchange devices (pasteurizers, regenerators, coolers) and its components on the frame;

blenders to dissolve powdered milk and other ingredients;

furnaces for melting vegetable fat;

machines to cheese slicing into segments;

device to separate casein particles and cheese dust from whey «OSP-30 «TU U 29.2–22584616–0:2008»;

salt dissolvent to brine making;

distributive indicator boards for fluid flows;

device to purify brine against casein particles in the pools;



heat exchangers;

special equipment according to customers’ drawings;

device for partial salting cheese grain in bulk;

horizontal cheese press;

CIP-washers (clean in place).

method of salting cheese "Waterfall"