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Dairy business – 2019

Published: 28.11.2019 / 02:01

On November 19, 2019, a representative of Dubnotech LLC made a visit within the framework of the official visit of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrey Babysh to Ukraine with the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine and the Czech Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, a Ukrainian-Czech business forum was held.

Dairy business – 2019

Published: 28.11.2019 / 01:46

On the 20th fall of 2019 in metro Kyiv, representatives of TOV Dubnoteh presented the XII All-Ukrainian Conference with the international participation Dairy Business – 2019 by organizers of such boulevards: Infagro, Split of dairy food enterprises of Ukraine.

LLC “Dubnotekh” took part in the International Exhibition of Food Products “Ukrainian Food Expo 2018”

Published: 18.12.2018 / 09:20

On December 12-14, the International Food Industry Exhibition “Ukrainian Food Expo 2018” was held in Kyiv at the International Exhibition Center. Representatives of the Dubnotech Company took part in it and presented their products.

Such measures are extremely important for the representatives of the food and dairy industries, as they provide an opportunity to get acquainted with novelties on the market and get important contacts and contacts with domestic and foreign potential partners.

After completion of the event, OOO Dubnotekh received a participant’s diploma, signed by Bogdan Shapoval, Director of the Food Export Council.


Oleksandr Prybolotny, head of the Dubnotech plant, met Piotr Kanduba, Member of the Board of Izba Mleka (Poland) and Lidiya Karpenko, President of the Dairy Enterprise Union of Ukraine

Published: 23.11.2018 / 17:17

The director of LLC Dubnotek, Alexander Prybolotny, had the opportunity to hear and answer the questions raised to the world and Ukrainian experts from Ukraine, the European Union, Poland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belarus and other countries, and to take part in discussions on the prospects for the development of the dairy industry.
The conversation between Oleksandr Pribolotnyi and Izba Mleka (Poland) Piotrom Kanduboyu, board member, was interesting and productive. As the Director of “Dubnotekh” said, in spite of the border, the interests and strategic objectives of the two companies are common. In particular, they are interested in new markets for product sales and staff training. It is these conferences that allow you to discuss further plans for the future and develop a joint algorithm for action.
In addition, Oleksandr Prybolotny had a conversation with President of the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine Lidia Karpenko. As the head of “Dubnotekh” told, you do not always have the opportunity to discuss the most painful and urgent problems of the dairy industry with the first person of the Union of Dairy Enterprises face to face. These conversations allow you to better plan further marketing and product promotions and find the key to solving local problem issues.
Recall that on November 15, 2018 in Kiev, the DAILY BUSINESS-2018 conference was held, with the participation of representatives of the European Union, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belarus and others. Representatives of LLC Dubnotekh, represented by Alexander Oleksandr Pribolotny, were also present from Ukraine.

Enterprise LLC Dubnotekh took part in the conference “DAIRY BUSINESS – 2018”

Published: 22.11.2018 / 11:08

Representatives of Dubnotech LLC participated in the DAILY BUSINESS – 2018 conference, which took place in Kyiv on November 15, 2018. LLC “Dubnotekh” had an opportunity to hear and get answers to the questions asked from both domestic and foreign specialists. Namely: representatives of the European Union, Poland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belarus and other countries. A discussion was also provided on the current state of affairs of the industry and the prospects for the development of the dairy market.

In Kiev, Alexander Prybolotny and Nikolay Ordinat got the diploma of the participant of the international exhibition

Published: 17.09.2018 / 14:41

From 11 to 13 September, Oleksandr Prybolotny, director of the Dubnotech Company, and Nikolay Ordinat, Chief Engineer of LLC Dubnotekh, took part in the International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Food Industry INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA 2018 and received a diploma from the participant.
Stand “Dubnotekh” Ltd. has called for cooperation with visitors and participants of the exhibition INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA 2018.
The event was held within the All-Ukrainian week of food technologies. The organizer acted as ACCO International.

The head of “Dubnotekh” delivered a report to the experts of the dairy industry

Published: 17.09.2018 / 14:38

From 5-6 September, director of Dubnotech’s company Alexander Prybolotny took part in a seminar organized by the Poltava State Agrarian Academy, which took place in Odesa in the hall of the hospitality court “House of Pavlov”.
The report, presented by Director of LLC Dubnotekh to present the chief engineers, heads of production and production laboratories, technologists, heads of cheese-making shops, craftsmen-cheese-makers and representatives of dairy processing enterprises of Ukraine, was entitled “Modern technologies and equipment for cheese production.

Director of the company “Dubnotech” took part in the world-famous exhibition “Anuga Food Tech-2018”

Published: 30.03.2018 / 23:05

The 8th International Specialized Exhibition of Food Industry Equipment and Technologies Anuga Food Tech-2018, which is held every three years, took place in Cologne, Germany on March 20 – 23. The company Dubnotech has been visiting this event for the second time.
Director of Dubnotech company Oleksandr Prybolotnyy explains:
“Anuga Food Tech is a unique and successful platform for the development of effective international cooperation, which presents the latest technological advances for all, without any exception, the stages of the production process of food and beverages. The concept of the event – “Food Technologies at the Highest Level” is completely justified. The scientific approach and innovative solutions make this event attractive for both small and large business all over the world, including for the Dubnotech company.”
As a part of the working visit, Oleksandr Prybolotnyy had a series of meetings with leading specialists and executives of profile companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The common interests of the parties were determined and a number of agreements about the prospects and further conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation were reached.
As well, there were meetings with the companies, which Dubnotech company has already had warm partnerships as the result of many years of cooperation, in particular:

  •  with Chalon Megard (France).
  • with the company “GEA” (Denmark).
  • with Laude (the Netherlands), with Obram (Poland), which are part of the international company Tetra Pak (Sweden).

Anuga Food Tech-2018 in numbers:
In 2018, Anuga Food Tech assembled 1657 exhibitors from 48 countries (in 2015: 1479), 60% of which came from foreign countries. Among them 655 exhibitors from Germany and 1002 exhibitors from abroad. More than 50,000 visitors from 152 countries visited Anuga Food Tech-2018, the fate of foreign visitors was more than 63%. The next Anuga Food Tech will be held March, 23-26 2021 in Cologne.

Exhibition “Anuga Food Tech-2018»

Discussion of topical issues at K-PATENTS (Finland). Discussion of topical issues at the K-PATENTS (Finland) site.

Anuga Food Tech-2018 Exhibition

Meeting with partners from Ukraine at the stand of the company “MEGA” (Czech Republic) in Kiel, at the exhibition. «Anuga Food Tech-2018»

ВAnuga Food Tech-2018 Exhibition At the site of the company “GEA” (Denmark)

Anuga Food Tech-2018 Exhibition Meeting with colleague Morten Andersen, company SD Filtration (Denmark).

“Dubnotech” – a member of the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine

Published: 30.03.2018 / 22:55

Dubnotech” is a member of the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine.
Recently, the director of the company “Dubnotech” Olexandr Prybolotnyy adopted the decision of the labor collective, joining the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine.

The Union covers almost all the leading representatives of this industry in Ukraine and not only. Membership in it expands the possibilities of Dubnotech LLC in cooperation with members of the union and other milk processing enterprises of Ukraine and abroad. I think our company has something to share with colleagues and it’s time to join this community, “said Olexandr Prybolotnyy.

Some facts from the history:

In September 2001, the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine was established with the status of a non-profitable professional organization (hereinafter referred to as the Union) in order to overcome the crisis and negative phenomena that had developed in the milk and dairy products market.
The initiators of the creation of the Union were the most famous enterprises – OJSC Galakton, Pavlograd Milk, Yagotynsky Butter Plant, Kupyansk Milk Cannery, Kharkiv Dairy Plant, Lustdorf and others. In addition, the founders included enterprises for the production of packaging materials “Tetra Pak Ukraine”, “Elopak Fastov.” Later, the members of the Union were OJSC “Kovel-Moloko”, the Ukrainian-French company “Laktalis-Ukraine”, “Wimm-Bill-Dann” Ukraine, Buchach Cheese Factory, “Inter Food”, “Favorit”, Ternopil Dairy Factory, “Agrana Fruit Ukraine” LLC (Vinnitsa), “Khr. Khansen of Ukraine” LLC (Denmark), Danone (France), GK Khan (Germany) and many others, associate members – National University of Food technologies, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Sumy National Agrarian University, National Agrarian University.
According to the Charter of the Union the most important tasks are:

  • organization of interaction with legislative and executive bodies of various levels;
  • coordination of interaction between dairy enterprises and enterprises of other industries;
  • assistance in establishing effective relations with interested agencies, organizations, foreign partners, scientific institutions;
  • participation in the development and realization of comprehensive targeted programs for the development of the dairy industry;
  • elimination of existing differences of interests of enterprises;
  • participation in the process of improving the regulatory framework for processing, marketing and production of milk and dairy products;
  • development of integration and cooperation connections with other public or industrial organizations;
  • promoting the creation and improvement of uniform “rules of the game” in the milk market;
  • providing enterprises with information (analysis of production and market, new technologies, recommendations on the use of ingredients, etc.);
  • participation in exhibitions and holding of quality contests;
  • organization of training and internships for specialists, including abroad;
  • conducting scientific-practical, thematic seminars and conferences.

Since its inception, the Union has been closely cooperating with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, other executive authorities, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, the Council of national producers associations, academic institutions, universities, and other professional and social associations and organizations.
The Union takes a direct part in the preparation, improvement and implementation of a number of legislative documents aimed at developing the food market, rational use of the resource potential of the agro-industrial complex, increasing the competitiveness of products, developing state standards, harmonizing them with international ones, improving financial and credit, price and tax policies.
Representatives of the Union are members of the Working Group on the problems of the development of the livestock sector, the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Public Council under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, the Export Promotion Council under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Council of Exporters under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An important activity of the Union is to promote the creation of civilized market conditions for the production and sale of products, the elimination of unfair competition and falsified products in the domestic market. With the financial support and with the participation of the Union, other state standards and regulatory documents working in the field of milk production and processing are being developed. The Union is a member of the Technical Committee for Standardization “”Milk, meat and processed products” (TC 140). Seminars, scientific and practical conferences, round tables, including international ones, organized by the Union, attract the attention of specialists, help to develop joint approaches to solve the most important problems in the dairy industry, the adoption of legislative acts aimed at implementing reforms in the agro-industrial complex. Constant monitoring of the regulatory and legal framework is under way, the processes of preparation of the most important documents in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Government and other executive bodies are monitored. In its work, the Union cooperates with specialized universities, academies, international organizations, which makes it possible to freely access international standards, legislative acts, scientific developments, methods, marketing research, which allows to speed up work on harmonization of the Ukrainian regulatory and legal framework in the dairy sector, modernization and development of the dairy industry in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and the World Trade Organization. The Board of Directors of the Union approved the Code of Conduct of the Participants of the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine, which was approved by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The governing body of the Union is the Board of Directors, which reviews quarterly issues of the industry. The executive body is the Presidium of the Union. Annually the Presidium of the Union reports to all participants on the performance of the work and determines the future directions for the next year.