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Device for salt dissolve, pasteurization and cooling brine.

Device for salt dissolve, pasteurization and cooling brine.
It is used to dissolve salt when preparing brine or to change salt solutions concentration in the food industry.

Device to separate casein particles and cheese dust from whey «OSP-30».

Device to separate casein particles and cheese dust from whey «OSP-30»
It allows increasing cheese product quality and effectively cleans whey before separation, reduces production costs.

Blender to dissolve powdered milk.

Blender to dissolve powdered milk
It is used to make dispersions, emulsions, homogeneous mixtures for mixing rapidly soluble substances, such as powdered milk, salt and other ingredients.

Device to purifying brine against protein in the pool.

Device to purifying brine against protein in the pool
It is designed for brine purification of protein in salting pools in cheese production. It allows improving sanitary and hygienic, microbiological brine condition, to extend its useful life.

Salt dissolve device.

Salt dissolve device
It is used to dissolve salt when preparing brine or to change salt solutions concentration during production in the food industry.

Closed fat furnace.

Closed fat furnace
It is used in the dairy, oil-fat, confectionery, bakery and others branches of food industry for melting vegetable and animal fats.

Device for partial salting cheese corn in the flow.

Device for partial salting cheese corn in the flow
It is designed to separate cheese grain and whey in the cheese production. Device allows to control and maintain brine temperature and concentration in given regime.

CIP-washer(clean in place).

CIP-washer(clean in place)
It provides cleaning of technological equipment and pipelines in the food industry enterprises without dissembling it with detergents, rinsing and disinfection in automatic regime.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers


Machine for cutting cheese into segments

Machine for cutting cheese on sticks

Mill corundum

Method of salting cheese “Waterfall”

Cheese brining system “Waterfall” – manufacture and delivery of stainless steel boxes, technical consultingAmong the many cheese brining system, this method deserves special attention. Cheese salting is carried out in special stainless steel containers.

• for salting cheeses: soft; brine, semi-solid, solid.
• maturation pickled cheeses.
Stos stainless container consists of three types.
Stainless steel container
bottom tank (to drain the brine) – 1 pc.
Main (middle, working) – up to 12 pcs.
Upper (for pressing the cheese heads) – 1 pc.

How does the salting system “waterfall”?

The essence of this method consists in the continuous flow of the brine through a column of stainless steel containers filled with cheese.
Brine enters the upper container, filling it, and is poured through the holes in the next container to fill it, and so to the lower container. Brine enters from the lower container into the collecting tray and guided to the buffer tank.



Nervazheyuschih container design allows further brine flow from the upper to the lower container through the holes located in the bottom. Brine with a collecting container is carried out through a plate cooler pump (to maintain the desired temperature of the brine) of a distribution pipeline with – a controlled device in each teab stainless steel containers. Stos stainless containers, usually mounted on a special stainless stand design which allows the truck to transport or otherwise, depending on local conditions and needs.


Versatility salting system

             Recommended system salting “Waterfall” allows you to apply flexibility in installation and operation department Salting – Stos stainless steel containers in the form of modules, connects only two pipe collector (brine inflow and outflow). This makes it easy to move in the room Salting Stos stainless steel containers, as well as to install and mount them at various levels and in various industrial areas. The final stage of salting cheese
After the salting process cheese brine feed is stopped. Brine with stainless steel containers by gravity through holes in the bottom, flows into a collecting tray for 20-30 min.
Loaves are removed from the stainless steel container, starting at the top, and sent to the subsequent process steps. Rustproof stainless steel container sent for washing. After washing, they are ready to use the next cycle salting cheese.

№ p / p






The size of the head cheese






The number of cheeses into the container 1



Head height (mm)






Round, low cylinder



to 280















to 280h140









Parameters of cheese

№ p / n
Weightone container


Max containers

in teab

cheese weight teab occupied vennaya manufactur-area, m ²
1. Stainlesscontainer

upper(1325х910х180 mm)

Average (1325х910х180 mm)

bottom ((Stand) 1325х910х340 mm)

on January  






to 1200 kg



Advantages of the process cheese salting “waterfall»
• Easy installation salting premises;
• Easy-to-tinning;
• Low volume of capital expenditures;
• Using a small production areas;
• Reduced energy costs, cooling and auxiliary materials;
• Effective brine circulation:
o high and uniform quality of the salting of each head cheese;
o reducing the time salting (to 20%) due to continuous updating (salt concentration) of the brine in contact with the surface of cheeses;
o higher cheese yield (1.5%) due to stable pH of the brine in contact with the surface of cheeses;
o High accuracy brine temperature on the surface of the head in the process of salting cheese.
• Providing requirements sanitary cleaning and washing containers;
• and constant qualitative brine purification on protein and solids;
• The possibility of brine quality support at a sufficiently high
level of microbiological;
• small volume using brine (brine 1.0-1.5 kg
per 1 kg cheese);
• Extension of the use of brine.

The manufacturer: “Dubnoteh” LTD Ukraine, Rivne region, Dubna. Str. Surmychi 93.

Heat exchangers

Bath for cooling cheese “Mozzarella”

Trolley for transportation of melted cheese

We produce

Ltd «Dubnotech» constructs a wide range of technological equipment for processing industry:

lamellar heat exchange devices (pasteurizers, regenerators, coolers) and its components on the frame;

blenders to dissolve powdered milk and other ingredients;

furnaces for melting vegetable fat;

machines to cheese slicing into segments;

device to separate casein particles and cheese dust from whey «OSP-30 «TU U 29.2–22584616–0:2008»;

salt dissolvent to brine making;

distributive indicator boards for fluid flows;

device to purify brine against casein particles in the pools;



heat exchangers;

special equipment according to customers’ drawings;

device for partial salting cheese grain in bulk;

horizontal cheese press;

CIP-washers (clean in place).

method of salting cheese “Waterfall”

We repair:
Ltd «Dubnotech» repairs equipment:
Laminated heat exchange device; Tubular pasteurizers;
Vacuum-evaporating device «Vigand»;
Tubs for cheese making; Tanks; Butter maker;
Cheese press;
Containers and etc.