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Our sphere of duties:

  1. Rennet cheese

by forming method

  • bulk cheese, such as «Russian»
  • layered cheese, such as «Dutch»
  • pouring, such as«Pikantnyj»
  1. Cheese product (analogue)
  2. Soft cheese



  1. Butter and spreads
  2. Condensed milk whey
  3. Dry milk whey

Our developments on manufacturers’ requests:

– recommendations for making technological process of 50% Russian cheese production in the cheese tub;

– recommendations for reducing consumption rate of milk mixture in the rennet cheese production;

– recommendations for reducing size deviations of cheese wheel (on height);

– recommendations for developing plan of reconstruction cheese making room;

– recommendations for salt dissolve and making brine for cheese salting;

– recommendations for packaging cheese in film without drying cheese wheels;

– optimization of technological process of cheese-making;

– consultations of spreads production technology;

– consultations on whey processing technology;

– optimization of crystallization process of milk sugar in the condensed whey.